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| 200mm(8 inch) Wafer Cassette

Wafer Cassette
Products Specification
● Product name:8" Wafer Cassette
● Part number:PP-C200
● Dimension: 235(L) x 214(W) x 219(H)mm
● Weight:900g
● Capacity:25 PCS
● Wafer size:8 inch (Ø200mm)
 Thickness 0.5mm~0.7mm Wafer
● Material:ESD Resin
● Slot Pitch:6.35mm
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Products Description
For general process. Wafer carrier and used to transfer between station and station. Provide suitable characteristics of the polymer composite material according to customer’s needs. It can collocation with airtight storage box to protect wafer.
● ESD material are provided.
● Use to transfer inside factory
● Able to go with airtight Storage Box to protect wafer
Product Feature
Material Degree of temperature resistance Property Application
PFA Cassette 200~220℃ Strong acid, strong hydrofluoric acid, strong base resistant For acid& base process
PP Cassette 40~60℃ Pros: Light weight, able to welding
Cons: Distort easily
For general transfer process
PEEK Cassette 120℃ High hardness, not easy to distort, high temperature resistant
PC Cassette 80~100℃ Light weight, able to welding
PEI Cassette 130~150℃ Wear resistant, anti-static
● Able to do laser engraving、Able to install RFID. Keep the track of carrier and material.
Able to install RFID   Cassette Able to do laser engraving
Able to install RFID   Cassette Able to do laser engraving
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