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Encourage “Creation”, Control “Core”.Quick efficiency and grasp effective commercial potential.CKplas betake difference of product, keep to find the productupdating. Use per creative material and scientific experiment that promote the product’s development. The key to change industry is strong abilities of research and develop. We set up the R&D technical center; integrate mechanism, electric machinery and talent. Arrange material scientific laboratory to verify products repeatedly to reach the best product. And promote the systematized and automatic R&D design process. To increase the efficiency and decrease the time of develop, and effectively produce.

  Opto-Semiconductor-Semiconductor Wafer Carrier
● Teflon / PFA Cassette
● PP / PEI / PC Cassette
● Metal / PEEK Cassette
● Shipping Box / Single Tray /
Storage Box

● Other

Semiconductor Wafer Carrier / Wafer Size
● 150mm
● 200mm
● 300mm

  Stainless Steel Custom
● Metal Frame /Wafer Frame / Wafer Ring
  IC Packaging & Testing
● IC Tray / LED Tray / Frame / Frame Cassette / Frame Box
  Reticle Handling
● Mask Package Box / RSP 150 /
Mask SMIF Pod0

  Square Glass Carrier
● Square Glass
  Solar Wafer Carrier
● Solar Cassette/Clean Cassette
  Normal & Panel Cassette
● Normal Cassette & Semiautomatic Car
  Opto-Semiconductor Equipment
● Test fixture
  Plastic-Steel Manufacture
● Mold Injection OEM
● Board/Bar Process
  Clean Room
● Cleaning Service
● Automated Cleaning Machine
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