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> CKplas collaborates with Entegris for patented technology to manufacture and sell reticle pods.
> 發佈日期:2019-06-18

CKplas, a professional manufacturer which devotes to Opto-Semiconductor field and specializes in wafer, reticle and glass automation process for storage and transportation, officially announced its collaboration with Entegris (Nasdaq: ENTG) in patented technology and acquired RSP Reticle SMIF Pod technology license.

Opto-Semiconductor customers are on the way to smart manufacturing which is industry 4.0 due to innovated technology, such as IOT and robot. CKplas is also playing a critical role in this era and provide corresponding technology and solution instantly while facing process upgrade from customer with environmental change. Its collaboration with Entegris complements each other, and further development is worth looking forward to in the future.

“CKplas will complement our efforts, by broadening the technical solutions provided to customers that help solve their specific manufacturing challenges” said Paul Magoon, Vice President of wafer & Reticle handling of Entegris which is a leader in specialized chemical and material solution for microelectronics industry. ” Licensing critical technology allows CKplas to provide its customers with readily-available products they can ensure will address their needs,” said Yen Fang Chen, President, CKplas.

It requests higher requirement than ever to keep reticle with zero defect while semiconductor industry is approaching advanced technology nodes. CKplas continues to innovate reticle protection capability with spirit of excelsior, including key challenge to reduce particle, risk of haze and improve airtight performance for automation process with extreme clean production which is necessary for customer to manufacture products.

  CKplas collaborates with Entegris for patented technology to manufacture and sell reticle pods.
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