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| Chairman of the Board adhered to the "truth in life to accomplish everything" principle

Chairman of the Board adhered to the "truth in life to accomplish everything" principle
Chairman of the Board adhered to the "truth in life to accomplish everything" principle:
Since its inception in 1988, the company do everything in order beliefs are based on core values. Sinocoms early focus on manufacturing plastic mold and injection molding, in 2007 into optoelectronics, semiconductor TFT-LCD ARRAY segment, CELL segment, yellow, etch process equipment, spare parts field, beginning the development of glass, wafer load transfer and storage solution program, the material properties through innovative ways of scientific experiments to develop products is ISO 9001 quality certification, product quality assurance and initiative to help customers solve technical problems and other advantages, and customers to establish long-term cooperation, careful partnership to thank all my colleagues who teamwork and full support, the company's value, play the most.
"Our success comes from the value of customers; we grow, from the customer's affirmation."
The standpoint of the customer service, with the most professional attitude to win market recognition and value of knowledge through integration strategy play, high-tech industries in the ground integrate environmental processes required during polymer materials, branched out into optoelectronics, semiconductors, solar energy, light-emitting diodes and other high-tech industries variety of high temperature, acid protection and transport, storage carrier, offering clients a full range of support.
Bounded rationality, unlimited progress "validation data, log analysis, not cheap tireless and excellence. "
In response to future industrial competitiveness, the company was established in 2013 CLASS 1 Materials Science Laboratory is not only the type of equipment and advanced in the country and the number of peers in a leading position, also has a group of highly qualified, experienced and professional background of the technical team . Kinetic energy to enhance customers with innovative niche, efficiency and effectiveness and pragmatic management. Provide customers with the complete professional technical support and diversified manufacturing and services. Through the consistent handling of Industrial processes, whether from product design to institutions simulation analysis, our excellent team have encountered in the most professional design perspective, worry-free support to customers.
  Opto-Semiconductor-Semiconductor Wafer Carrier
● Teflon / PFA Cassette
● PP / PEI / PC Cassette
● Metal / PEEK Cassette
● Shipping Box / Single Tray /
Storage Box

● Other

Semiconductor Wafer Carrier / Wafer Size
● 150mm
● 200mm
● 300mm

  Stainless Steel Custom
● Metal Frame /Wafer Frame / Wafer Ring
  IC Packaging & Testing
● IC Tray / LED Tray / Frame / Frame Cassette / Frame Box
  Reticle Handling
● Mask Package Box / RSP 150 /
Mask SMIF Pod0

  Square Glass Carrier
● Square Glass
  Solar Wafer Carrier
● Solar Cassette/Clean Cassette
  Normal & Panel Cassette
● Normal Cassette & Semiautomatic Car
  Opto-Semiconductor Equipment
● Test fixture
  Plastic-Steel Manufacture
● Mold Injection OEM
● Board/Bar Process
  Clean Room
● Cleaning Service
● Automated Cleaning Machine
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